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 Now I'm being Silly
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Posted - 03/20/2012 :  19:50:07  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The other day I posted some definitions of TMS. I thought I would incorporate them into a letter to TMS Pain.

My dear TMS pain,
I assure you that I am aware of how you work. I realize that you have done everything listed below, sometimes individually, other times in unison. You may think you’re a grand conniving force to be feared, but you are not:

1. Typically Monopolizing Syndrome
TMS pain can become your whole focus, you can’t think about anything else. It grabs your attention and monopolizes.

2. Tactless Mysterious Syndrome
TMS pain has no manners. It can come and go any time, sometimes usually for no apparent reason. It doesn’t even care if you are in the middle of an important speech. It’s tactless in the extreme, planting itself in those somewhat embarrassing parts of your body. (Don’t be embarrassed, or it will win!)

3. Temperamentally Manipulating Syndrome
TMS pain is there to confuse you. It manipulates your thought processes and ideas back and forth. It’s temperamental, like a spoilt brat trying to get its own way, being naughty one minute, then turning on the charm. It has a many hidden agendas, and can change them at a whim.

4. Totally Malicious Syndrome
TMS pain is a nasty piece of work! If a little pain doesn’t get your attention it will increase its intensity and make your pain much worse in a millisecond. This is usually when you are at your most tiring point of the day. It has no sympathy and will never play fair.

5. Terribly Mindboggling Syndrome
TMS pain does not let you think sensibly about it. A person ends up concocting reasons for it that are totally off skew. It will do this over and over again until you have tried every possibly cure. Treatment, surgeries are undertaken for years until the real reason is understood. And we all know what that is don’t we? Pain is to distract us from our unpleasant emotions, very simple.

6. Tenaciously Malingering Syndrome
TMS pain has plenty of time on its hands. Its grip is very powerful. It’s the unwelcome guest in your body that won’t leave. It can stay as long as it pleases, hours, days, years, and for some unfortunates….lifetimes. (If you let it.)

7. Tremendously Misunderstood Syndrome
Do we really understand TMS pain? Be honest. If we start to get better, it will change the rules you thought you were abiding by.

8. Terrifically Misinforming Syndrome
TMS pain, unlike pain from real injuries, does not give informative feedback. The pain is not caused by any reasonable medical explanation. It shouldn’t be there, and more often than not disappears intermittently, making it hard to analyze.

9. Tragically Malignant Syndrome
TMS pain hates you, make no mistake about it. Because it knows it cannot harm you physically, it’s only activity is in the brain. None the less, here it can have a dangerous and harmful effect.

10. Tiresomely Mischievous Syndrome
It never stops wearing you down. Even small TMS levels of pain get old pretty quick. It can be quick bursts of spasm pain or the groaning types of pain that drive you crazy. It can be mischievous and do both at the same time, in half a dozen places all over your body, it doesn’t care where, it’s just having fun!

11.Teasingly Moving Syndrome
TMS pain is outwardly mobile. It can move around your body in a whim. Or like a hobo, if it is comfortable where it is it may stay in one place forever, provided it has enough "nourishment".

I also know you only have a foothold in certain parts of the world and certain cultures. But in 1984 a man in a white suit and cane published a book called Healing Back Pain. The word is out.

Past TMS Experience in 2000, with success.
Now on Day 9 Wiki Edu.
Charlie horse on neck for 20 years. (to be evicted soon.)
Books: Healing Backpain
& Unlearn your Pain

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Posted - 03/21/2012 :  00:27:24  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Nice job Andy!
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Posted - 03/21/2012 :  15:38:11  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
It's all a matter of perception, and I'm sure everyone's perception is a bit different.

Personally, I don't wish to personify it, or view it as malicious or evil or malevolent or such.

Authors will use such terms in speaking of the "cruel sea." But the sea isn't cruel, it's just there, along with certain of its characteristics that can be dangerous at times. It has no intent to sink this boat and drown all onboard.

To me, like the sea TMS is just there. It's aim is not to cause pain per se, but our mind has simply found a way to help repress certain mental activity that it prefers to keep repressed.

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Posted - 03/21/2012 :  18:04:07  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi Lynnl,

My post came out yesterday as a result of the Wiki Education Program, where you write unsent letters, and get emotions out. I had a day off and did my own thing by writing to TMS pain itself. The idea was to reveal the many ways that TMS works, and to have a bit of fun. I was surprise at what came out, and I felt really good doing it, knowledge is power. Try it and see.

In posting this perhaps I created some pathetic fallacies. The idea was to list the many devious ways in which TMS works. As in “you have to have some knowledge of how high the mountain is before you can climb it.” I realize TMS is not cruel, but the effects of it are, as I’m having no fun with my pain right now.

As you reminded me, TMS pain has to be accepted and even welcomed for what it is. Last time I made a recovery in 2000, I only had Dr. Sarno’s book and tapes. Accepting TMS pain did work for me, but I wish I had written this list then.


Past TMS Experience in 2000, with success.
Now on Day 9 Wiki Edu.
Charlie horse on neck for 20 years. (to be evicted soon.)
Books: Healing Back Pain
& Unlearn your Pain
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Hong Kong
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Posted - 03/21/2012 :  19:18:38  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Andy , good post. Tms is all of those things. You have confronted it and you are telling it that you know it for what it really is. The empowerment that comes from that kind of knowledge is crucial .That is exactly what sarno asks us to do.

I know that a lot of what we do in the a program is pretty private but pls keep posting what you can.

Good Luck & Good Health
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Posted - 10/28/2012 :  22:18:11  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Hi Jenny Peanut,

I have just reread this thread, and your email. I missed something that you had said, which was your RA pains were moving around. You also mentioned “Jumping around” in your email.

I am not an expert, but this is classic TMS in my opinion, it happened to me once with my Sciatica pain, actually moved from one side to the other. It was so subtle that I hardly noticed the change.

This is what I wrote with humor once in another thread: “Now I’m being Silly”. Perhaps this wasn’t so silly after all, I wrote it as a newbie TMSr.

11. Teasingly Moving Syndrome
TMS pain is outwardly mobile. It can move around your body in a whim. Or like a hobo, if it is comfortable where it is it may stay in one place forever, provided it has enough "nourishment".

Now the next time you have a new pain or worry, whether its stomach ache or neck crick, think about the above silly or non-silly statement, don’t worry about it; TMS can be a moving target!

Good Luck

Past TMS Experience in 2000, with success.
Back on Wiki Edu Program day 15
Charlie Horse on neck for 20 years. (to be evicted later.)
Healing Back Pain
Unlearn your Pain
The Great Pain Deception

Edited by - andy64tms on 10/28/2012 22:53:54
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eric watson

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Posted - 10/29/2012 :  21:17:54  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
awesome andy64tms-you r really a great advisor-man whatever you do stay here ,we all r really getting into your post-you can really explain the hard stuff and put a smile on a frown in a minute-thanks again andy you go brother
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