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 Back again, scared & need support please..
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Posted - 07/02/2019 :  02:30:30  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi to old friends and new friends:
I was rear ended in a car accident June 22nd on the way to teach a piano lesson. I irritated a previous neck injury and now I am in neck hell again and trying to determine if it is truly TMS again or physical. Had X rays w/ a renowned chiropractor in my area and it showed some reversal in the curve in the lower neck and issues up high..The disc space was less around C5-6 where i had a herniated disc diagnosed years ago w/ an MRI. The first week the adjustments with the arthroscopic hand held device really helped (placebo?)..I have neurological stuff and tightness in my upper neck too. After last week all the pain in my arms/fingers left, thank God. But the adjustment yesterday was stronger and i woke up with numbness in my right hand and less range of motion.

I realize that this forum is about TMS and we aren't supposed to focus on the physical, so i am reached out to try to get a grip and figure out what to do..As for life changes, there have been many losses and traumas thru the years as many of you know..Most recent intense thing was finding out in September that my dad who raised me wasn't my biological father! Long story, the good news is i found a half sister who i love..If anyone believes in prayer here please pray for me and//or sending healing energy. I am up all night in fear and confusion on what to do next..Much love to all..

tennis tom

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Posted - 07/04/2019 :  09:13:40  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi Karen,

Sorry to hear about your most recent travails. Give me a call--do you still have my #?

When was the last time you read a TMS book? All the answers to your questions are in them--even the Good Doctor's first and shortest one. I bet you read your Bible--read your TMS book too!--it's the bible for your psychosomatic health.

Save your money, chiroquackters are not TMS physicians--with the money you will be spending on them you could be seeing a TMS physician for an OBJECTIVE DX.--which TMS practitioner is closest to you?

You know your TMS stuff, but you've forgotten what Dr. Sarno said regarding "whiplash" : search Finland vs. Lithuania.

Spend your money on relaxation instead of quacks--get massages for temporary stress relief, eat a pint of ice cream, glass of wine, these will give you more stress relief then walgreen's off the shelf "As-Seen-On-TV" voodoos.


p.s. For support repost over at the wiki, you'll make a lot of TMS buddies over there.



Some of my favorite excerpts from _THE DIVIDED MIND_ :


"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." Jiddu Krishnamurti

"Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional." Author Unknown

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation” – Plato

"Happy People Are Happy Putters." Frank Nobilo, Golf Analyst

"Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint." Mark Twain and Balto

"The hot-dog is the noblest of dogs; it feeds the hand that bites it." Dr. Laurence Johnston Peter

"...the human emotional system was not designed to endure the mental rigors of a tennis match." Dr. Allen Fox

"Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise" - Thomas Gray

"All my friends in Los Angeles are the sensitive type. They all have like all the diseases like Chronic Fatigue, Epstien Barr, Fibromyalgia. Like all the diseases where the only symptoms seem to be you had a really crappy childhood and at the prospect of full time work ya feel kinda achy and tired."

Posted by Skizzik @ TMSHelp from comedian Maria Bamford

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthuisam."
Sir Winston Churchill


"If it ends with "itis" or "algia" or "syndrome" and doctors can't figure out what causes it, then it might be TMS." Dave the Mod



John Sarno, MD
400 E 34th St, New York, NY 10016
(212) 263-6035

Dr. Sarno is now retired, if you call this number you will be referred to his associate Dr. Rashbaum.

"...there are so many things little and big that are tms, I wouldn't have time to write about all of them": Told to icelikeaninja by Dr. Sarno

Here's the TMS practitioners list from the TMS Help Forum:

Here's a list of TMS practitioners from the TMS Wiki:

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Posted - 07/07/2019 :  19:29:45  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi Karen - sorry to hear about your accident. I also think that it is a good idea to re read some tms books. I read somewhere that fear causes tms neck pain, anger more in the lower back. Does that make any sense to you at all? I found it was true for me some times. Al
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Posted - 07/09/2019 :  06:56:20  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thank you so much, Tom and Al, my old friends! I cannot believe I’m in this whole situation again, almost a repeat of years ago in LV, attorney and all. I have to seek some sort of treatment because not only does it feel exactly like I need to (herniated disc symptoms like pain in fingers/arms but because of the lawsuit. Everyone told me get a lawyer! They especially said this because at the tune of the accident I felt sorry for the old man who hit me and never called the cops for a report. I was hoping I’d be fine the next day. That was not the case it got progressively worse including weird neurological symptoms high up in my neck as well. The Xrays show a reversed curb less disc space and the top of my neck out of other words my head is not on straight! Well, I could have told them that, lol !

The difference between now and when this happened out West is that most of my closest support systems are out of state and I feel lonely and alone at the shore. So many stressful events have happened and if I tell all here you will be reading a huge novel. Highlights: more loved ones dying, major money problems, heart break and to top that after my dog KAYA died my friends sent me to Czech to see my relatives!! Except my ancestry dna (did 3 tests all said the same) came back they aren’t my relatives because my dad who raised me was NOT my biological dad!!

Now if that’s not stressful I don’t know what is. I had left the family in Brno by the time results came in and was alone in an airbnb in Prague with my neck causing dizziness every time I turned I. Bed. Thank God that symptoms not happening now! I had a chiro friend stretch my neck and a dear friend died right before I left for Europe. I had a great tine there despite all that, miraculously.

I found cousins and a half sister I LOVE so there is a good side to the story. We are so close I’m thinking if I can give wirk and a band there I might move to Asheville or Hendersonville NC to be closer to her!
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