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 Constant numbness and maybe nerve damage?
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Posted - 12/21/2018 :  22:00:46  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello, I am new to the channel and have very scary symptoms. I have no feeling around some of the areas in my arms (I have cubital tunnel ) and on the back of my right thumb and lower wrist.I do not have any feeling in the muscle as well but the range of motion is still good. My other thumb isn't as bad and there is some feeling and partial numbness since I can still feel pain. I am extremely terrified that I have killed the nerve do to doing the program . I haven't been journaling consistently since some people said that just going through the pain cycle and confronting it would make me better but at this point I am really scared. My doctor said I would need surgery at this point. Have any of you experienced this? I feel pretty dumb now that I may have damaged myself permittnetly .I am back to doing absolutely nothing with my arms and hands now. I do have cubital tunnel in both arms, carpel tunnel in both wrists and recently just got diagnosed with RSI in both thumbs. I also noticed that my legs are going numb as well after a while. I don't know what to do at this point. I also have severe ocd and the constant need to seek reassurance than most people but I am really upset about this. Maybe I should have kept at exercises.

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tennis tom

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Posted - 12/22/2018 :  00:55:55  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Get another opinion from a TMS doctor.
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Posted - 12/24/2018 :  19:57:19  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Merry Christmas Tom and Katherine! I had numbness in one arm and had and injection in my neck while having an MRI, supposedly to jab me in the right place. My next procedure was to be surgery on my neck, which is usually 50% success rate at best (placebo in my opinion).
I read Dr. Sarno and had those symptoms go away, never to come back as bad as that. That is my experience with numbness, one thing you mentioned though, having it on both sides at the same time which would be different nerves makes me think TMS. Please get checked out for anything else, as I am sure you are, but please try and let your fears subside if you can. I found for me the more fear the symptoms caused, the more they worked on me until I didn't believe them anymore.
That's my experience and I hope that it might help.
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tennis tom

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Posted - 12/25/2018 :  06:03:43  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Merry Christmas to you too Al!

To the OP regarding numbness, I tried a "SEARCH" here for a post I made years ago regarding my personal experience with it but couldn't find it through the thousands of posts I've written. I suggest to the OP you put in your key words and search, they will be hi-lited in yellow. The best things you can do to cure yourself of a TMS flare-up is see a TMS doc for an objective medical opinion and READ, READ, READ about TMS until your subconscious is brain-washed into accepting the Good Doctor's theory.

I'll try to dredge up my "numb nerve" experience later--I'm going back to my "segmented sleep"--if one has "insomnia" that's a good one to search for too.



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John Sarno, MD
400 E 34th St, New York, NY 10016
(212) 263-6035

Dr. Sarno is now retired, if you call this number you will be referred to his associate Dr. Rashbaum.

"...there are so many things little and big that are tms, I wouldn't have time to write about all of them": Told to icelikeaninja by Dr. Sarno

Here's the TMS practitioners list from the TMS Help Forum:

Here's a list of TMS practitioners from the TMS Wiki:

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Posted - 02/05/2019 :  23:04:54  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi Kuronekobento,

Hope I'm not too late chiming in and hope you've been feeling better since posting. Numbness, tingling, mild pain, stabbing pain, all the "tunnels" are classic TMS. There are countless stories on Thank You Dr. Sarno (blog), this forum and others that you can read to build your confidence. But as long as you believe you have these diagnoses and let the fear keep you tied to their existence, healing is very slow if not impossible. The big work is to work on the fear, and to truly believe that you're not in danger from them.

I had "shoulder bursitis" diagnosed that the doc told me if I didn't get a steroid shot I'd end up with frozen shoulder (and this at 29 years old), carpal tunnel, tarsal tunnel, at one point bedridden with allodynia in my legs - nothing could touch my feet without EXTREME pain, and several other things like this. Bursitis and carpal tunnel went away within days of truly accepting they were TMS when I discovered Sarno. The cure was to get back into activities - start typing again, driving, etc. and to stop all the remedies.

One dead giveaway for me was how pain would come and go, or move from side to side, or be worse in the morning upon waking, etc. You mention your legs go numb after a while, so they're not constantly numb - that's one sign. The OCD thing seems to be a trend with us TMSers, we really do have to let go and stop worrying about it. Worry feeds the pain loop. We really have to accept the pain and let it be there and stop resisting it, and focusing on literally anything else. Keep focused on whatever this pain is trying to distract you from (and by this I mean your work, your household duties, social life, exercise, etc).

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