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 Headache Every Day
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Posted - 02/25/2018 :  14:08:46  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I'm a old timer on here but have been off the board for a long time. Two months ago, I had a stressful event that disallowed me from sleeping long enough and I developed a headache one day. Since then, I have had one just about every day and pretty much all day. I wake up with a headache. I had a brain MRI a few weeks ago which was normal. I saw a neurologist who gave me neck exercises. He said if it doesn't go away, he would put me on nortriptyline, one of the older antidepressants. I once took amitriptyline (Elavil) and the side effects were nasty so I don't want to go this route again. He said it breaks the pain cycle and then you go off and you're better.

I have had all of Sarno's books for years as well as Ozanich, Amir, Schubiner, Sopher, etc. I think this is from stress but I read the books, tell myself all of the things that Sarno suggests. He says you don't have to know why, just acknowledge that it's from something bothering you. He also says to think about it though and I do and I write in a journal and talk out my problems with my friends who understand and my therapist. I am a little puzzled when Sarno says you don't have to know why but he also says to try to resolve it by journaling and resolving what's bothering you. So it seems like a contradiction there.

What am I doing wrong? I don't like to take aspirin, tylenol, etc. but have maybe once a week when I just can't take the pain. I use ice. Has anyone else had or known someone who has a headache every day? I so rarely get headaches so this is new to me. My neck on the same side is also bothering me and the dr. thinks it could be emanating from there, that the muscles are just tight. I am at a loss. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Posted - 02/25/2018 :  19:27:46  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have no experience with chronic headache, my daughter had stomach pain and headaches, was stress related, but she did get some relief using aromatherapy. She used lavender like an inhaler and spritzed it with water on her bedding. I think it was kind of a distraction, but it helped her.
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Posted - 02/26/2018 :  11:46:51  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
You must believe 100% that it is TMS. If there is any doubt in your mind, you will continue to have pain. I totally understand NOT believing 100%, but when I finally give up, and allow myself to believe that it is definitely TMS, no ifs, ands or buts, then the pain will diminish and eventually disappear.

I too have suffered chronic headaches. Take this advice from someone who knows . . . 100% . . . what you are going through.
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Posted - 02/28/2018 :  18:49:50  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi Susan 828,
I remember you from the past. I remember you as the “piano lady” who had cancer. I do so hope you are as well as my sister in law in the UK. I am over on the other board posting these days; you might want to give it a try.

I know only too well the pain from neck aches which is what I suffer from. For this reason I am quite skilled at giving my wife a good old head scratch combo with neck massage. Do you have a loved one for this, if so it’s their duty to step up to the plate? If not you can self administer a neck squeeze head scratch in a bath tub, I did this every day before work for years. This works well especially with the aches emanating from the neck. It’s the very best time to focus on what has changed or issues that you are dealing with emotionally.

I recently found out the cause and location for neck tightness was the infamous “levator scapulae muscle” of my neck pain. There are videos and information all over the internet for stretching this muscle. Google for more info.

I am surprised the doctor did not suggest PT like mine did. I went to physical therapy for four weeks and got massive relief; be it only temporary. I have added the stretch to my Yoga routine, and basically will have to do it from now on. Please be careful and maybe go through a Physical Therapist.

I have the same attitude as you re the meds, but would sooner take over the counter than anxiety meds.

It seems to me the doctor is pointing to tension, which we all have but yours is out of control, but can be fixed. He seems to be out of ideas, which points to TMS reasoning. It is not easy to locate the exact reason and some say not necessary, but from what you have said sounds like TMS tension.

Good luck be well.

Past TMS Experience in 2000, with success.
Charlie Horse on neck for 20 years, is almost gone.
Healing Back Pain
Unlearn your Pain
The Great Pain Deception

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Posted - 03/03/2018 :  15:42:53  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks to all who replied. Yes, that's me, Andy. I am doing ok now except for these darn headaches. They are getting better since I wrote as far as not every single day. The dr. didn't suggest PT but did give me a printout of neck exercises. I am doing them but lean toward Sarno's theory. I'll check out the other board, I do see a lot of activity there.
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Posted - 03/21/2018 :  07:42:40  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Def TMS, I have them too, as long as you assume that the physical tension is a physical problem the pain will continue. stretching, massage, etc. all work "a little bit" but reinforce in your mind that it's a physical problem. stop stretching and READ/WRITE about tms and your emotions
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