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 Food intolerances

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Suz Posted - 05/03/2006 : 12:21:52
Hey all,
I haven't posted for a while because I am without back pain - zero - nothing!! It flared up briefly the other day when I got back from vacation and I laughed. It went away in 10 minutes! This is all thanks to Sarno. It is such a miracle.

However - I continue to battle food intolerances. I get really really tired when I have one cup of coffee in the morning and I eat sweets. My tongue is really sore and blistered and I am exhausted. I have little energy to work out. I have had issues wiht food for years and Sarno told me this was totally an equivalent. I am really not sure about that.

I would love to know if anyone has really beaten food allergies with Sarno's work. I am having little success
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Suz Posted - 05/10/2006 : 09:20:37
That is it - Neil. When I eat what I want, I EXPECT reactions. This is the same issue that I had for 12 years with the sciatica - which after 18 months hard Sarno work, has GONE! All my pain has gone. It tries to come back and I just laugh and it goes. Surely, the same approach has to be applied with the food.

I have to break my obssession with the "blood type diet" - which has convinced me that I have to avoid certain foods. The book and the doctor is soooo convincing. Also - my lack of symptoms when I eat this way is convincing. However, Sarno has pointed out that diet is a very very successful placebo.
The very fact that this issue is being discussed and addressed on this forum is so wonderful and helpful. If anyone else has any experience with overcoming food allergies, PLEASE post here!
Thank you so much
Neil Posted - 05/10/2006 : 05:42:48
After a two year bout with "sciatica" that was cured in about 8 weeks by listening to Healing Back Pain audio book, my biggest and last hurdle is the hive and angiodema (swelling) allergy that has plagued me for 17 years. The allergist is a great guy who I've seen since 2002, but every 6 months he sees me and grills me about whether I've been around any cats or dogs, have I been moving the lawn without a face mask? Have I been EATING uncooked apples, bannanas, etc. that are supposed to be "cross contaminents" with certain ragweed and grass pollen allergies, blah, blah, blah, etc. The last time I saw him in March of this year, I got him to admit that the mind (even though he thinks it is the conscious mind) could "manifest" these allergies and he said if I could relax it could help (still contract to Sarno, but a step in the psychosomatic direction).

My biggest problem is the progression and my FEAR.

1989-2002 One anti-histamine pill a day if symptoms warrant
2002-2003 One anti-histamine pill a day regardless
2003 Two anti-histamine pills a day one morning, one evening
2004 (Sciatica kicks in) 4 pills (zantac type 2 anti-histamine with each of the other 2) 2 morning 2 evening
2004-2006 One week round of prednisone when "necessary" with 4 pills

I have had 4 one-week rounds of prednisone since July of 2005 alone.

I now refuse to take the extra two pills and I am back down to 2 pills a day.

When I started Healing Back Pain, I went back to eating whatever the heck I wanted! I am 85% convinced that this is another equivalent of TMS (I had a rough childhood, alcoholic parent, divorced parents at 6 years old, some physical abuse as correction for poor behavior)

I need help with this 15%, how do I get over 17 years of a symptom. I eat what I want, but I expect reactions.

I really hope Suz and the rest of us can overcome our so called food allergies and intolerances.

I feel close to the finish line of a race, but dehydrated so much that I know I'll never finish.


If it is chronic, I will not believe it.
Suz Posted - 05/09/2006 : 09:31:01
Mary Ann,
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will start with one food at a time and take it slowly - not thinking at all about any reactions. The more I read of other experiences, the more I am beginning to realize that this is ALL psychosomatic. This is going to be a challenge but quite a fun one really!
Mary Ann Posted - 05/08/2006 : 21:09:45
The allergies/asthma are controlled with the help of drugs so perhaps it's overstating that I have overcome them as tms symptoms. But I figure one battle at a time. The key for me is that I'm not obsessing over these. I just take my meds and forget about it. My symptoms (which were quite pronounced about a month ago) are under control now. I figure it will eventually subside. I am already reducing my inhaler dose, and things are still fine.

I've had tms symptoms just about everywhere: back, neck, shoulders, stomach (acid reflux), digestive disorders. Probably other places too. The shoulders were the first chronic problem that I treated with Sarno's methods about 6 years ago and the pain went away permanently. The other symptoms only disappeared when a new one came around. It may be why I can eat again--the allergies have replaced it. But I know the deal so I figure it won't last.

Good luck with your situation.
Mary Ann
miche Posted - 05/08/2006 : 20:33:26
[quote]Originally posted by Mary Ann
Mary Ann, how did you overcome the allergy , asthma, did you go on meds or did you apply the tms? Asthma would be quite scary to tackle without inhalers, how did you do it? Right now I have sinus problems , muscle pain and reflux, plus allergies, would hate to conquer these and have it replaced by asthma, my sister suffers from this, it is worst than what I have in my opinion, strangely after a period of stress in her relationship she started to have terrible allergies, needed two sinus operations, then asthma, when she got these conditions under control she hurted her back at work while lifting a patient and is now on disability, a year later she was diagnosed with breast cancer and is now in remission, strange how I assumed all her problems were due to bad luck.

But over time I have persevered, just not eating everything at once. I think it finally broke when my TMS switched over to allergy/asthma symptoms instead of digestive symptoms! (Which I've since overcome too).

art Posted - 05/08/2006 : 19:29:42
The other thing I have noticed is I have very dark circles under my eyes when I drink coffee or eat dairy. How can this be if it is TMS? you see - this will take a lot to convince me!

This was a big sticking point for me too..That is, how can I get so desperately eyes, utter fatigue, blinding headache....if it's psychosomatic..

I've come to accept that pschosomatic illness does not necessarily mean benign, or "mild" illness...Haven't finished the book, but I see Sarno includes cancer and heart disease in this group...

JUst a bit of history, my first symptom was hypoglycemia...I suffered from this in extreme form for 5 years or so...I'd see this doctor and that doctor and as I started to exhaust the mainstream guys and get into the alternative medicine practitioners (evry bit as quacky as the first group if not more so in my opinion, they'd ask me if I were allergic to any foods...I'm sure now that they planted the idea in my subconscious..

At the time, my girlfriend used to cook a lot of chicken and I remember saying to her, perhaps I shouldn't eat so much chicken 'cause maybe I'll get allergic to it...

In fact, chicken was the first food I began to react to...

I never lost sight of this stuff, and always was deeply skeptical of my own reactions...
tennis tom Posted - 05/08/2006 : 17:06:51
Hi Mary Ann,

Good advice on overcoming long-standing conitioning! Your mentioning "farting" reminded me of a story my yoga teacher once told in class during a long down-ward dog. He was invited to teach in Hong Kong, by some wealthy devotees. They honored him with lunch at a fashionable restaurant. After the fine dining experience the ladies proceeded to fart away to show their appreciaton. When in Rome...
Mary Ann Posted - 05/08/2006 : 16:43:56
The main thing I did was just put up with the reactions without trying to give them any attention. They just were there. I just went on. Eventually I noticed that they were no longer there.

I think after 14 years you have a very ingrained conditioned response. I would start with one food on your list. Eat it and ignore any reactions you may get. Circles under the eye? Ignore it. Tired? Do something that requires energy anyway. Do the opposite of what you're doing now. Don't obsess over any reaction and don't adjust your behaviour--pretend you're not reacting and go on.

This will take some time. But this is how I did it and it worked. I can't say I'm completely symptom-free, but I can say I'm 100% obsession-free. I get a bit of gas? Who cares. So-called normal people fart, so can I! The difference is I don't wonder what I ate that gave me that symptom and obsess with what's going on.

I wish you the best.
Mary Ann
Suz Posted - 05/08/2006 : 15:34:21
Mary Ann - this is FANSTASTIC! You give me hope. How on earth did you do it? I have been avoiding foods for 14 years now so this is a very hard pattern to break. You said you started slowly - I am going to do the same thing. My big "no-nos" are coffee and wheat and all grains. I get blown up like a balloon, my skin breaks out and especially I become very very tired. I am convinced that one cup of coffee will give me a crash. The other thing I have noticed is I have very dark circles under my eyes when I drink coffee or eat dairy. How can this be if it is TMS? you see - this will take a lot to convince me!
I am going to try and think back to when I ate everything - I think when I was 20 (I am 36 now) - before I became vegetarian and before I had depression and back pain. I used to eat everything.
Mary Ann Posted - 05/08/2006 : 15:11:35
Agree with Hilary: take it slowly.

I have finally cured my food intolerances, even to milk. But it didn't happen overnight. Back in Jan/Feb I decided it was all TMS and started to eat everything I had been avoiding (dairy, wheat, sugar, citrus, coffee among many others). I was in agony! I despaired that it would ever work. A friend (who has severe reactions) even told me about some gene testing for "potential gluten reactivity" and I doubted the TMS part.

But over time I have persevered, just not eating everything at once. I think it finally broke when my TMS switched over to allergy/asthma symptoms instead of digestive symptoms! (Which I've since overcome too).

So be patient. And remember that you are most likely experiencing reactions because you expect them. I found that I had to ignore the reaction and just keep focussed on other things. Eventually they just don't come anymore. Give yourself a few months. I never would have thought I'd be eating dairy regularly again, but I am and have NO symptoms whatsoever.

Good luck!
Mary Ann
HilaryN Posted - 05/08/2006 : 14:07:23
(art) It never, ever made sense to me that out of the blue I couldn't eat chicken, say, or white bread, or steak..

Yes, same here Ė it didnít make sense to me that Iíd been fine eating a certain food then suddenly couldnít eat it. I always used to dismiss dairy or wheat allergies as fashion fads, and was extremely annoyed when the dairy one hit me. Iím pretty sure the wheat one would have been next if I hadnít got rid of my food reactions by taking the TMS approach.

I love food, too, and itís great to be able to eat the things I like. Well almost Ė not the things that make me put on loads of weight. (Didnít someone once write a book called ďThink yourself slimĒ or something?)

Suz, can you think back to a time when you could eat these foods without any adverse reaction?

If the reaction youíre getting is getting you down, try eating very small quantities, as I said before. Find out how much you can eat without provoking a reaction, even if itís just a crumb. Stick to that amount for a while, then increase slowly.

Miche, same for you. Take it slowly. It looks like you went too fast for your system / conditioning to cope.

Hilary N
Suz Posted - 05/08/2006 : 10:00:39
Hello all,

I am so glad to read so many responses to the food issue. I am still really really struggling. I am really suffering from fatigue from those supposed "allergic foods" like bread, coffee and dairy. I am on the fence as to whether this is really TMS - probably because of this wretched doctor who wrote all these books about the blood type diet and was my personal doctor for 10 years. He convinced me that my O negative "non secretor" status would mean that I have a really hard time on carbs and sugars. So - I changed my diet. Now, whenever I eat that way, I feel really tired and drained. He is a biochemist and has studied reactions of foods on blood cells for years - all with scientific proof. So what to do? I cannot shake his theories. This is really standing in the way of me eating whatever I want - and you know what, that is my ultimate goal. I don't want to obssess over food choices because - FOOD IS GREAT! It is there to be enjoyed not avoided. I have no idea how to break this. Unlike the pain, I am not convinced enough that my reactions to food are from the unconscious. That is probably why the TMS perpetuates.

So - reading stories from Anne and Art REALLY help. These experiences show me that they have overcome these wierd food reactions.

I have not yet beaten it.
miche Posted - 05/07/2006 : 19:05:00
art Posted - 05/07/2006 : 16:25:09
I was terribly sick from food intolerance. I was at the point where I never thought I'd be able to lead anything like a normal, healthy life again..

As I write this, I'm drinking a beer, eating pretzels, and waiting for the microwave to finish nuking my hotdog...

I'm not kidding either..These foods would have made me desperately ill a year ago..

Suz is right..It's a bunch of hooey...The funny thing is, even in my darkest day I was a skeptic concerning my own illness..It never, ever made sense to me that out of the blue I couldn't eat chicken, say, or white bread, or steak..

Most of us are blessed with normal, healthy bodies..There's just no reason on God's green earth why perfectly innocuous foods would make us sick...

I came to this forum because I was a runner with "over-use" injuries, almost evry one of which turned out to be nothing but a little oxygen deprivation (TMS)...Along the way I've ocme to realize that the chronic illness that has taken 15 years our of my life is a product of the same subconscious forces..

I honestly think that John Sarno is a genius who one day will be credited with having changed the face of medicine...I've nothing but gratitude and admiration for the guy, and this forum as well..
tennis tom Posted - 05/07/2006 : 10:11:22
quote from Miche:

"someone said to concentrate on the emotions instead of on the physicals reactions,"

Miche, that is the core premise of TMS work. You came to the right conclusion, you need therapy from a TMS therapist. The problem is that they are few and far between. I did phone consults with Donald Dubin, who is in L.A. CA.

Maybe someone on the board can help you find someone in your area. The home page of this site has links to some TMS practitoners. Also a yoga site Tarpit Yoga has a section on TMS referals.

It sounds like you are in a crisis situation. I was in one recently, so I can relate. I'm feeling great now and back to my "normal" self.

If you can't find a TMS therapist or Doctor in your area, you may need to see a regular doc for some medicine to calm you down and get you out of the crisis mode. It is a dark tunnel, but there is light at the end.

Sarno says that fibro does not exist and IS TMS! If you've had it for ten years than you have a lot of negative conditioning to break out of.

Get Sarno's latest book and start there. IF you can get yourself to BELIEVE what he says, you can save yourself a lot of time and money on therapy.

Regarding food stuff, I personally think it's a bunch of hooey. I think eating everything in moderation is the way to go--food diversity. I think focusing on food is another TMS equivalent.

My girlfriend is a strict vegeterian. Her main staple is rice mixed with healthy stuff. It works for her but would bore me to death. I love food. She does like desserts. When she eats chocolate, she goes through a dramatic transformation like she is drunk. She goes totally goofy.

If you just suddenly channged your diet, it's probably quite a shock to your system and will take some time to adjust to. During my recent depression, my weight went from 195 to 174 to 204, all in about six months. My psychological state was on the same roller-coaster--quite an experience.

Best of luck Miche to you,
Nor Posted - 05/07/2006 : 07:26:42
If your BP is going up, maybe you should see a therapist. Don't fool around w/that. It sounds like you are really in a bit of a panic. I recognize and sympathize w/the emotion. The stress and doubts you feel could be greatly alleviated by a therapist who specializes in TMS. Maybe call Sarno's office and ask if he knows of anyone. It couldn't hurt. N
miche Posted - 05/06/2006 : 23:28:04
Yowire, you may be right, all I know is that I felt confident , that I was on the right track, my back was better than it had been in a long time, so confident was I THAT i REINTRODUCED ALL THE FOOD i HAD BEEN STAYING AWAY FROM, now I feel worst than ever on all fronts and utterly discouraged, I am even questionning whether the fact that my muscle pain got better should not be attributed to the fact that I was under so much stress last week, I remember reading that adrenaline acts as an antianflamatory,hence doubting Sarno's theory, I have not felt such panic in years , my blood pressure, usually normal is now thirty points higher, I started dr Sarno's program a few days before major stressors in my life, so that alone is confusing the issue .Maybe I should see a therapist, the journaling brought out a lot of anger also, anger I never felt before, maybe I do not believe enough in Sarno to make this work, someone said to concentrate on the emotions instead of on the physicals reactions, yet I feel the emotions are anxiety draining, I prefer my muscle pain to panic, of course with all this anxiey flooding my system, I have trouble concentrating,and feel utterly stupid that I can't put it all together, yet I want to believe it can work for me as it has for others, but a small voice in my mind keeps telling me that not every one has fibro, not everyone feels as tired as I am ,maybe I have stomach cancer, or heart disease, or multiple myeloma like one of my sister, or breast cancer like my other sister, I realise as I am writing this that I sound like a hypocondriac, but it is hard not to when nothing in your body seems to function normally, I have been battling this for ten years, it is getting me down, I lent my books to my son, maybe I should get them back, I know the treatment does not work unless I tuly believe in it , but I don't know how to to this,maybe I should leave the forum before you ask me to and come back when and if I can finally make some sense out of everything, right now I just can't seem to muster your enthusiasm and I project negativity on everyone , so thank's to everyone who have answered my posts, I appreciate your trying to help and wish you all the very best, you seem to know something that I don't and I am happy for you
yowire Posted - 05/06/2006 : 20:26:08
From miche:

yet many books have been written on excitoxins like msg and aspartame and the havoc they cause in the body, we are expose to many additives ,preservatives, chemicals and hormones in our food , we are also exposed to a lot of polluents in the water and in the air, our soils are depleted, our vegetables are sprayed with insecticides,our dairy products are full of hormones and antibiotic residues, how can all these factors not affect our health, our bodies were not created to digest all these foreigh matters, check the ingredients on a container of ice cream for instance, chemical allergy may be a more appropriate name for food allergy, and it has nothing to do with tms but may certainly contribute to autoimmune disease , our weakened immune systems , our shaky nervous systems and a host of other new syndromes that are on the rise....

Wow miche! You are really on the wrong road here. I've been down this road. It has one destination. TMS.
These are all deceptions that are used by your unconscious mind to cause symptoms. The sooner you forget about all these very questionable chemical body beliefs, the healthier you will be.

Our immune systems are not weak, they are strong. Our nervous systems are not shakey, they are healthy. The host of other new syndromes aren't really new at all, they are TMS.

I realize that there are some people who have problems with chemicals that are not psychological, but Suz is right in pointing out that most of these intolerances are due to the fact that they are currently in vogue.

miche Posted - 05/05/2006 : 14:39:01
Seth, Sue, first, thank's for the FEEDBACK lol, all I can say is you gave me FOOD for thoughts, lol, pardon my weird sense of humor!!!!!!
miche Posted - 05/05/2006 : 14:35:25
Originally posted by Seth


Maybe you're right, but I can attest to the fact that I've come up numerous times as positive for certain food "intolerances" and even after cooking all of my food from scratch I experienced no relief.

I do believe a majority of food intolerances are merely TMS.


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